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Lifestyle Support and Advice

Please note that NHS Direct is in the process of updating their website and so the links included on this page do not work at the current time (Feb 2010).


We are keen to give all our patients who smoke as much help as possible to stop. Please ask at reception or at any consultation for information and support.

Exercise / Walking

Even the smallest effort can improve your quality of life and make you feel healthier and livelier. As walking is a very good exercise, which most people are able to do, and don't need special equipment for, then why not get started on your fitness campaign. Simply start by walking for 15 or 20 minutes at a brisk enough pace to get your heart beating faster, 3 times a week regularly. When you can easily walk for an hour you are ready to move on to swimming, cycling or running!

The number of calories you burn during exercise depends on the activity you choose. Find out how many calories you can burn in an aerobics class, an hour's gardening or another type of exercise and how this relates to the food you eat.

Exercise Calories Counter Guide

Your BMI is a measure of your weight to height ratio. It is important to have a healthy BMI as your weight will affect many areas of your health.

Healthy Weight Calculator.

Healthy Eating

A healthy diet doesn't need to be a boring one. Health experts tell us we are all eating too much fat, salt etc, but what exactly does this mean? Why not speak to your doctor/nurse or pick up some of our information leaflets so you can enjoy a healthier diet?

Having a healthy diet involves balancing different food groups. Recommendations say to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day - but what counts as a portion? Find out at the healthy eating self-assessment here.


Alcohol can be enjoyed as part of a healthy life, but it is important to know what is safe and what isn't. Safe Drinking helps you find out how many units of alcohol you have in a day, and get ideas on how to cut down on your drinking.


Your pregnancy helps you discover how your baby grows and develops and how you can keep healthy throughout every stage of pregnancy to ensure your child gets a healthy start in life.