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Healthy Walks

Scottish National Heritage - "Go for a health walk".

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Guidelines and Resources

Acute coronary syndromes - (PDF) (local)

Bronchiolitis for parents and carers - (PDF) (local)

Cardiac arrhythmias in coronary heart disease - (PDF) (local)

General health

Health Talk Online

People's stories: see, hear and read their experiences.

Healthtalkonline is the award-winning website of the DIPEx charity and replaces the website formerly at Healthtalkonline lets you share in other people's experiences of health and illness. You can watch or listen to videos of the interviews, read about people's experiences and find reliable information about conditions, treatment choices and support.

The information on Healthtalkonline is based on qualitative research into patient experiences, led by experts at the University of Oxford. These personal stories of health and illness will enable patients, families and healthcare professionals to benefit from the experiences of others. For more information on a particular condition, please click on one of the links to the left.

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