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Pregnancy and Childbirth


  • Emma's Diary
  • Miscarriage Association
  • Cry-Sis
  • Bliss
  • OPFS - One Parent Families Scotland
  • Tamba
  • Emma's Diary

    Emma's Diary logo Emma's Diary is a website which aims to guide you through your pregnancy one week at a time.

    It has information and advice covering the period before conception to after birth. It also has advice on other matters such as budgeting and contains tools and links to other useful resources. From their website:

    Hi, I'm Emma and I've written a diary about all the highs, lows, changes, and surprises my bump and I experienced during my first pregnancy. I have to say I think being pregnant is great. It's such an amazing and special experience there's nothing quite like feeling your baby's first kick! And my friends and family were all brilliant too.

    I hope you enjoy reading my pregnancy diary and I wish you and your bump the best of luck.

    Miscarriage Association

    Miscarriage Association logo

    Note: you may also wish to view our page on miscarriage counselling

    From their website:

    "If you have been affected by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy, we hope you will find here the information and support that you need to help you through."

    Link to their website


    Cry-Sis logo Cry-sis offers support for families with excessively crying,sleepless and demanding babies. The answering service will give the caller the phone number of volunteer contacts who once had similar problems.

    You can contact them on the Cry-Sis Helpline on 08451 228 669.

    Link to their website


    Bliss logo Bliss is the UK charity working to provide the best possible care and support for all premature and sick babies and their families.

    One in every 9 babies in the UK is born either premature or sick. That’s over 80,000 babies every year with one being admitted to special care every six minutes. The vital care that babies receive after birth can have a profound impact on the rest of their lives. For families struggling to cope, this will be one of the most difficult, emotional and stressful times of their lives.

    You can contact them on their helpline on 0500 618140, Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm. Or email us at anytime & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

    Link to their website

    OPFS - One Parent Families Scotland

    OPFS logo One Parent Families Scotland works to ensure that all families, particularly those headed by a lone parent, have the support, information and confidence needed to play a full part in Scotland's economic and social life.

    You can phone their helpline on 0808 801 0323

    From their website:


    OPFS aims to use its experience and skills to develop innovative and effective initiatives to benefit lone parent and other families. To:

    • Inform, Connect and Inspire

      Provide specialist and confidential information and advice, create networks between families, offer services and opportunities; provide inspirational stories and ideas that support isolated parents to move on.

    • Assist Parents' Aspirations to Access Education, Training and Employment

      Provide more opportunities for parents and their children to increase their confidence, skills and employment prospects.

    • Provide Vital Childcare

      Provide childcare services that are high quality, flexible and affordable - allowing parents to work, train and explore new life opportunities.

    • Lobby for Recognition and Opportunity

      Challenge the stigma and myths associated with one parent families, and encourage government, business and public service leaders to champion tailored services to enable parents and their children to be confident, healthy and successful.

    Link to their website


    Bliss logo Tamba is the Twin and Multiple Birth Association.

    From their website:

    The Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba) is a charity set up by parents of twins, triplets and higher multiples and interested professionals. Our campaigns, research and support services directly help thousands of parents and professionals meet the unique challenges that multiple birth families face. Bliss is the UK charity working to provide the best possible care and support for all premature and sick babies and their families.

    You can phone their TwinLine on freephone 0800 138 0509

    Link to their website