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Mental Health Resources

Roughly one in four people will have problems with their mental health (such as depression) at some point in their life. It is likely that we will either suffer from problems or come into contact with someone else who does. If we know how to deal with such problems we can cope and help others better. This page describes several resources to help people who have or know someone with mental health issues.

This page is for resources related to mental health. For information and advice on a specific disorder, please see the following pages:

You may find the book I Had a Black Dog a good, simple way of understanding depression and how it affects you or others. The author has also written another book with his wife on how to live with someone affected by depression, called Living With a Black Dog.

Mental Health Directory

A very useful directory of mental health services in Renfrewshire has been produced as a collaboration between the RAMH (Renfrewshire Association for Mental Health), the Renfrewshire Carers Centre, and others.

Cover of Mental 
health Directory

The directory can be downloaded from this website or from the NHS library archive. Links will open in a new window.

Please note the date on this resource- it is likely out-of-date by now.

The BBC has many resources on mental health in general as part of BBC Health.


There is an excellent document about depression listed on the practice website, which we recommend you look at.

Doing well is a website that offers information on depression, as well as a questionnaire (PHQ) which can help you tell if you are depressed or not. Be aware, however, that you should not totally rely on any questionnaire or 'quiz' found online or in print (magazines, etc). If you have any worries about your mental health, or think you might be depressed, speak to your doctor or someone you can trust.


The practice has an excellent resource on suicide with information, advice and links that you can read or print off.

Choose Life is a great resource for information about suicide. They have pages discussing the myths and facts about suicide.

Eating Disorders

The practice has a document with information and advice on eating disorders.

Self Harm

The practice has a document with information and advice on self harm.